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Become the go to spot for breaking into product management by providing curated job list based on personal background and interest.
Phase 1

Milestone 1: set up a domain name and push live ✅

Milestone 2: gather a list of companies and update list ✅

Milestone 3: find APM and internships available ✅ 

Milestone 4: make the list view available with dropdown menu ✅

Milestone 5: make a list of PM resources ✅

Milestone 6: create a resume bank with real examples 

Milestone 7: 1000 visits

Phase 2

Milestone 1: migrate to flask web development framework

Milestone 2: implement log in for personalization

Milestone 3: implement ability to edit profile with interests and background

Milestone 4: implement web crawlers for job postings

Milestone 5: implement parsers for all job postings

Phase 3 (TBD)
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