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Product manager resume bullet points



  • Led the product team to redesign the website after A/B testing on discoverability, which resulted in a 30% increase in new accounts

  • Launched an online marketplace for car traders, transacting $1 billion+ worth of car products.

  • Led the development of a new B2C SaaS product to enable job seekers to check to find jobs, which grew to 50,000 daily active users in the first year

  • Identified gaps in the traditional marketplace, and led the build of features across engineering and design, which increased yearly revenue by $1.1M through increased conversion

  • Designed A/B tests to improve the conversion rate by 10% and reduce churn by 5%

  • Supervised the planning, development, and implementation of a B2C SaaS product to enable drivers to quickly take a picture in real-time, which grew to 20k+ daily users

  • Interpreted data to understand KPI failures, and worked with cross-functional teams to remedy issues from coding enhancements to loading speed, increasing positive user feedback by 20%

  • Played an active role in recruitment, leading the expansion of the product team from 5 PMs and engineers to 20+

  • Managed a portfolio of product initiatives united under a clear product strategy that generated over $20M in annual revenue



  • Founded a tool for [users] to streamline searching for a product and enable a more efficient operation, which generated $100k in 6 months

  • Managed 8 people cross-functional team of customer support, web developers, and designers to iterate improvements for the MVP, releasing 4 new features every sprint

  • Successfully led fundraising efforts for the company, raising $500K from investors including x, y, and z


  • Initiated a new social media series for growth, utilizing Figma and Canva to create content which resulted in an increase of 120% in engagement on social media.


  • Identified inefficiencies in revenue streams, and developed an app to save $300k+ in database cost

  • Designed a new algorithm to extract metadata and optimized the algorithm performance by 55%.

  • Collaborated with product manager to understand system architecture gaps, and resolved by rearchitecting to a single-page web app in React, resulting in a yearly revenue lift of $1.3M

  • Built the logic for a streamlined platform that scaled to 1M+ users, which improved page speed by 20%


Business analyst

  • Build data visualizations using SQL and Tableau for product KPIs that reduced manual reporting work by 8 hours weekly


Program Manager

  • Managed $2M+ in quantitative market research projects over 8 months, successfully keeping all hard costs under the estimated budget

  • Built a new project management tool using Java and SQL and rolled out usage across a team of 25 project managers, increasing velocity by 23%

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